You are currently viewing MOUNT GAY BLACK BARREL – Unique character with bold aromas

MOUNT GAY BLACK BARREL – Unique character with bold aromas

MOUNT GAY BLACK BARREL – Unique character with bold aromas

Since 1703 Mount Gay produces rum on the little Caribbean island Barbados, and for their 310th anniversary the distillery launched the Black Barrel. Mount Gay captures the true flavor of the distillery by combining both selected double pot and column destillates. The destillates are aged from 2 to 7 years, and the pot rums add spicy notes to the rum. While blending, the rums are being additionally flavored in double charred oak barrels that previously contained bourbon whiskey – to deepen the complexity and round off the body.

Mount GayMOUNT GAY BLACK BARREL - Einzigartiger Charakter, kräftige Aromen uses two different processes for the production of their rums: the cost efficient continuous destillation in columns, as well as the less efficient pot still destillation in batches, using three copper pot stills.

Both single and double destillates are used for every rum that leaves the Mount Gay facilities. While the single destilled rums are very refined, the double destilled ones are heavy and full of banana aromas. The character of the Black Barrel has a smoky flavor and intense color that comes from Kentucky imported barrels. The master blender has a keen eye on the blending, using rums with different styles, ages and aromas to finally create the blend.

The blend is very aromatic, with aromas of candied fruits, spices and vanilla. You can enjoy it neat or on the rocks, but is gives also great complexity to refined cocktails and longdrinks.


Color – Dark copper

Aroma – Spicy bouquet of oak, caramel and candied almond, with hints of vanilla, lime and orange

Taste – Spicy pepper, combined with pineapple, ripe plum, toffee and smoky oak

Finish – long and bold