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Within the last few years, the GERMAN RUM AWARDS have established themselves as the most relevant award for the industry, the trade, and the consumers. For the 7th time already, the coveted gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in October 2017 during the 7th GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL.

The jury consists of 14 international, independent jurors as well as one guest student. We place great value on the qualifications of each jury member. Not only do we require an excellent sense of taste and smell, but also extensive knowledge of the production, creation, aging and history of sugar cane spirits. There may be no professional ties between members of the jury and producers or importers of rum in order to guarantee a neutral and universally valid evaluation of the products.

Each year, the tasting takes place on 2 to 3 days before the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL. The tasting is a blind tasting, so that neither brand names nor special packaging can influence the jury and the results. All products are categorized – e.g. DARK & AGED or AGRICOLE BLANC – and tasted blind in 2cl nosing glasses. The jury therefore only knows the category, but not the individual products. There is no communal evaluation by the jury members.

The evaluation is based on an internationally approved, objective method by which the various evaluation criteria are each given a different emphasis. This facilitates a consistently neutral observation and evaluation. In order to do this in the best way possible, the best and worst result for each product is not considered for the overall evaluation. One of the toughest rules for the GERMAN RUM AWARDS is probably unique worldwide: regardless of the number of products tasted in each category, at least 80 out of a 100 points need to be reached in order to receive any award. And so it can happen that only one medal in a category is awarded instead of the usual three. If a product doesn’t comply with customary criteria or legal conditions in any category, even an exclusion from the competition is possible. Overall, the valued trophies are awarded in various categories for rum, rhum agricole, cachaça, and rum liqueur/spiced rum. The winners will be presented in a very special and prominent way in our prestigious HALL OF FAME!

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German Rum Awards 2015

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German Rum Awards 2014

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German Rum Awards 2012