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Worthy Park Rum | German Rum Festival 2021

Where quality and efficiency are a tradition

Jamaican rum is recognized worldwide as distinctively spicy. Deep in the heart of Lluidas Vale is “The Worthy Park Estate”. Protected by the surrounding mountain ranges and surrounded by lush and fertile terrain are huge sugar cane fields. The sugar cane fields were designed with careful consideration of the growing sugarcane species in the fields, the planting and drainage, the soil type and the type of field crops. The first record of rum production was in 1741, years before any other existing distillery in Jamaica. The molasses used in rum production is obtained in the sugar factory. A sugar factory that claims its rank as the most efficient in Jamaica every year since 1968. With the completion of a state-of-the-art distillery in 2005, Worthy Park is back in business. As the latest distillery, it was built with efficiency in mind and designed for the highest quality. From the water used in mixing to the native yeast grown in our own sugar cane culture, each step in the distillation process is measured and evaluated to ensure consistency and quality. The rums are distilled in the traditional Jamaican pot-still method to give you a heavy rum full of esters and congeners. 100% copper pot still made by Forsyths, the industry leader in pot still production in Scotland.

Some of the rum qualities

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve 

An authentic and traditional Jamaican rum and the first release of Worthy Park bottlings. A blend of 100% copper pot still rums that age between 6-10 years. This blend was created to showcase the unique complexity and unmistakable flavor that Worthy Park has to offer. 100% single-estate product, batch distilled, aged, mixed and bottled on-site.

Rum-Bar Rum Creme 

After the success of Rum-Bar Rum, this was used along with real cream as the main ingredients in the rum cream. The rich, creamy base is balanced by the opulent aromas of the rum bar rum and gives them a smooth and pleasant taste.

Rum-Bar Rum 

Rum Bar Rum is Jamaica’s Premium White Overproof Rum. True to the tradition, this is a blend of three unrated rums, all distilled on the 100% copper pot still. They give a high level of quality and taste.