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Trois Rivieres Rhum from Martinique

The historical origin of the distillery Trois Rivieres

dates back to the year 1660 when Nicolas Fouquet – wealth manager under King Louis XIV – appropriated himself with almost 2,000 hectares the largest estate on the island. By the end of the 18th century, the owners of this property changed hands several times, and in 1785, Etienne Isaie Marraud des Grottes added a distillery for the production of finest rhum from fresh sugar cane juice to the existing and already large-scale sugar industry. In 1905, Trois Rivieres was acquired by the influential industrialist and landowner Amédée Aubéry and with this acquisition, the sugar production was stopped and the full focus on the Rhum production. His son expanded the distillery with the Dizac Distillery and began to concentrate exclusively on the development and production of Rhum Agricole, which is made from fresh sugar cane juice.

In the mid-20th century, it was again the family The Marraud des Grottes, which took over the distillery to supplement it to their own distillery and to fill and sell the old rhums of Trois Rivieres until 1972 under their own brand Duquesne. The production has been continuously expanded – including a second distillation column – and carried the marketing beyond the shores of the island of Martinique. The brand quickly became established throughout Europe, gaining more and more fans and fans for the high-quality Rhum Agricoles of the French Overseas Department.

One last takeover

and also a milestone in the history of the distillery Trois Rivieres dates back to 1994 when, on the one hand, the major corporation and owner of the distillery La Mauny B.B.S. The distillery took over and on the other hand Trois Rivieres received the award AOC. The AOC – Appellation Martinique Contrôlée – is a French quality seal that guarantees the quality of the products from sugar cane to bottling.

And today?

Since 2004, the exquisite Distillates of the brand Trois Rivieres in the new distillery, which is located in Riviere Pilote, produced. To preserve the unique, globally popular and traditional quality of the Rhums with the turquoise label, the original precious distillation unit was rebuilt at the new location 1 to 1.

Trois Rivières Rhum Blanc Agricole
Trois Rivières Millésime 1980
Trois Rivières Rhum Rhum Ambré