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Studer | German Rum Festival 2023

The Studer Distillery in Escholzmatt was founded in 1883 by the four Studer brothers as a distillery, liqueur and confectionery factory. and confectionery factory. The company is still family-owned today, with the fourth and fifth generations now jointly running the business. From the very beginning, the finest fruit brandies have been produced in the factory from Swiss fruits. Especially from Williams pears, cherries, raspberries and plums. Fruit brandy liqueurs and premium spirits based on recipes dating back to 1883 complete the range. Since 2005, Distillerie Studer has been increasingly devoting itself to absinthe, vodka, gin and other premium spirits such as rum, whisk(e)y, bitters and vermouth. In the house with the good spirit, tinkering, distilling and distilling is done with care, heart and soul. More than 300 gold awards from national and international awards testify to the high quality standards to which Distillerie Studer has always been committed.

Rum from Switzerland? How does that fit together, you might think. The fact is that Distillerie Studer has decades of experience in the spirits sector and that distillation in fruit brandies is much more precise than in classic rum production. The climate in Switzerland is also an interesting component that influences the taste. The sustainability concept deserves special mention: the added value takes place in Europe, the transport routes are short – only the sugar cane molasses is imported.

Studer 1653 Old Barrel Rum | 44.8% vol. | 0.50l

Christian Schybi was an innkeeper’s son, soldier recruiter, Entlebuch rebel, leader in the Swiss Peasants’ War of 1653 and husband of Maria Studer, an ancestor of the Studer family. In memory of this charismatic man, the Swiss distillery has created the 1653 Old Barrel Rum.

The basis for the 1653 Old Barrel Rum is Latin American sugar cane molasses. This is distilled in Switzerland and then matures in Swiss oak barrels. The rum is an assemblage of 3-6 year old rums, bottled at 44.8% vol. using Swiss spring water. This mild but characterful rum shows itself to be characterful and rebellious at the same time.