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Santo Christo | German Rum Festival 2022

The legend, the buccaneer, the nobleman: Santo Christo.

Once feared as Spain’s privateer, Santo Christo wanted to do penance for his actions on behalf of the Spanish crown. With heart and courage, he headed for the local governor in every port and negotiated for the release of slaves as well as the condemned, who were usually treated inhumanely for stealing food. To these women and men, Santo Christo, who quickly became famous and increasingly popular, gave free will so that they could decide for themselves:

Either freedom or work at fair wages on his ship and thus become part of Santo Christo’s self-appointed mission.

Santo Christo 12y Small Batch Rum is a “blend” of different Caribbean rums.

Each rum has been aged for at least 12 years in classic wooden barrels, bringing its flavours of dried fruit, subtle wood aromas and a charming sweetness without the addition of sugar, with a hint of the Caribbean to each bottle.


The exceptionally complex aroma is somewhat reminiscent of rums from the Dom. Republic. Dark fruits go hand in hand with notes of sweet pastry and a fine woody spiciness. There is also a hint of Jamaican funk that blends harmoniously into the bouquet. The taste is exceedingly soft and full-bodied with a natural sweetness. Flavours of dried fruits, vanilla and spicy oak are excellently coordinated with each other