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The brand S.B.S.

S.B.S stands for Single Barrel Selection. Each barrel is handpicked, and there are only a limited number of bottles of each product, with the number of bottles depending on the contents of the barrel. There are currently nine different rums in the S.B.S series and a four-pack with four 20 cl bottles of Trinidad rum from the Caroni distillery. S.B.S Fiji and S.B.S Belize are the first two rums in the S.B.S series and they hit the market in 2015. In 2016, the six newest S.B.S and the 4-box were launched, all of which were bottled at cask strength. All S.B.S products are delivered in a beautiful gift box.

S.B.S Fiji 2003

S.B.S Fiji has been selected for its sturdy flavor, distinguishing it from many other rums. This 12-year-old rum, distilled at the South Pacific Distillery in 2003 and bottled in Denmark in 2015, produced 222 bottles. The South Pacific Distillery was created in 1979 to replace the large import of foreign spirits. In addition to rum, South Pacific also produces gin and whiskey.
For a long time, the production of sugar in Fiji was one of the major sources of income, and as a result all ingredients were always present in large quantities, so it was a matter of course for the South Pacific Distillery to start producing rum in 1979. In addition, the weather conditions in Fiji are ideal for storing rum.
S.B.S Fiji is a classic pot still rum with a strong, intense and strong taste. It is one of the rather dry rum of the S.B.S series.

S.B.S. Trinidad 1991

S,B,S. Trinidad

S.B.S. Trinidad 1991 is a single cask bottling with only 224 bottles. It is produced by Trinidad Distillers Limited (T.D.L), home of Angostura. Since the 1940s, T.D.L has used a column burning process for distillation.
Only sugar cane molasses is used for the fermentation. In addition, a separate yeast strain is bred, which gives the rum special characteristics.

S.B.S Guyana 1998

S.B.S Guyana 1998 is a single-cask bottling with only 157 bottles. The rum was made in the famous Double Wooden Pot Still at the Port Morant Distillery. The pot still stood in the Uitvlugt Distillery when the rum was distilled, which is why the distillery is indicated on the bottle label. Uitvlugt was closed in 2000 and relocated to the Diamond Distillery. S.B.S Guyana 1998 is a 19 year old rum that got its finish for 7 months in Denmark in Oloroso casks from Montilla Moriles in Spain.

S.B.S Barbados 2008

S.B.S Barbados 2008 is a single-cask bottling with only 371 bottles. The rum was produced at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados in 2008 and bottled in Denmark in November 2017. It is a molasses rum that is 8-9 years old. S.B.S Barbados In 2008, his finish was preserved for 12 months in barrels in Denmark, where 5 years old Marsala was previously stored.

S.B.S Venezuela 2004 

S.B.S Venezuela 2004 is a single-cask bottling with only 248 bottles. The rum is distilled by CACSA, a company in Venezuela that has more than 30 years of experience in the development of raw materials for spirits. CACSA is located in San Felipe in the state of Yaracuy in Venezuela. Venezuela is a major liquor market, both in terms of rum and Scotch whiskey. In the city of Ciudad Bolívar in Venezuela, the first nuts, barks and spices for the (original) medicinal bitterness from Angostura were mixed.

S.B.S. Venezuela

S.B.S Belize 2006 

S.B.S Belize 2006 is a single-cask bottling with only 269 bottles. The rum was burned by Travelers Liquors. The story of Travelers began in 1953 when Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr. opened a bar called Travelers in Belize. Omario made his own rum, which he called Travelers. People loved his rum so much that he and his partner Luis Alberto Espat signed a contract for the construction of a distillery. Unfortunately, the cooperation ended in 1989, but the distillery Travelers Liquors is still owned by Omario’s family.

S.B.S. Belize