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Rum Malecon | German Rum Festival 2022

Rum Malecon – Invented in Cuba, perfected in Panama.

Rum from the premium segment must be aged for some time in oak barrels in order to develop complex aromas and a distinctive note. This insight has also been adopted by the Malecon rum brand: the very long aging times and the associated highly aromatic products are its trademark and are the reason for its fascination.

The “youngest” offspring of the premium rum family already brings it to twelve years of barrel aging – its oldest brother, Malecon Reserva Imperial 25, has spent a whopping 25 years and more in old wooden barrels before bottling, making it one of the oldest rums on the market. The result is an extraordinary spectrum of flavors and impressions. It’s no wonder that these connoisseur rums have picked up various awards, most recently four gold medals at the prestigious ISW International Spirits Competition in 2017.

Rum Malecon promises a new taste experience when enjoyed neat as well as in cocktails, and with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Rum Malecon is distilled from sugar cane molasses and produced according to traditional Cuban methods. For this purpose, state-of-the-art distillation facilities and trained master distillers are available in Panama. The ideal storage conditions in Panama favor the desired intensive exchange of the distillate with the wood of the barrels.

For the best cocktails and long drinks

Rums from Malecon are available in all degrees of maturation, allowing a wide range of enjoyment, but always special. The “younger” ones are often served as cocktails or long drinks and promise, for example, a “perfect Cuba Libre”. Connoisseurs tend to enjoy the longer-aged specialties neat, even from a cognac snifter. Even for experienced tastes, there should still be plenty to discover.