You are currently viewing Rhum Hardy | In Martinique since 1830 and now at the GRF 2021

Rhum Hardy | In Martinique since 1830 and now at the GRF 2021

In 1830 the habitation “La Grâce” became the habitation tartans. At that time it included a house, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, sugar cane plantations and a windmill. This mill can still be seen from the road today.

A few years later Emilien BONNEVILLE acquired the distillery and sold it to his daughter Clémence, wife of Gaston HARDY des SOURCES.

From generation to generation, the HARDY family has kept this distillery in their family legacy for almost 2 centuries and still produces the famous Hardy Rum.

Jean-Pascal, the grandson of Gaston HARDY, today decides to continue the adventure with the help of the other members of his family and, in the years to come, to revive this distillery that has made the pride of the village of Tartan for almost 2 centuries.

A redevelopment project for the distillery is currently under consideration (restoration and improvement of machinery, museum, aging cellar, shop, development of the area, etc.).

The Agricole Rums from Hardy can be tasted for the very first time this year, with the help of the Agricole Tour, at the German Rum Festival.