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March 5 2019, West Indies, Barbados

Plantation Rum | German Rum Festival 2023

Nowadays, no shelf or prestigious bar in the world can be imagined without PLANTATION rums and their bottles wrapped in raffia with a very high recognition value.

Through originality and quality, the PLANTATION range has conquered the hearts of rum lovers all over the world. It was a long way to get here, which found its origin in the tropics: For many years, the house of MAISON FERRAND maintained good relations with the best rum distilleries in the Caribbean and around the world.

It all began when these distilleries bought the FERRAND barrels used to mature cognac. The rum was refined in them. This collaboration gave Alexandre Gabriel the brilliant idea of reviving a centuries-old tradition: First, the rum matures in the tropics before it is then aged in French oak barrels in Cognac. oak barrels in Cognac, France, for a second aging. He liked the results so much that he decided to bring these exceptional rums to market. The PLANTATION series was born.

Plantation Rum – Barbados

This technique just mentioned is called “double aging” and has become a real trademark for PLANTATION. In their countries of origin, the rums are distilled and aged according to the traditional production methods used there. This allows them to impressively impressively express the “terroir”. In the tropics, ex-bourbon barrels are usually used for aging: a process that gives the spirits their special personality. In the Caribbean climate, the rums can be aged for several years in old ripening in old cellars warmed by the tropical sun, the rums can fully and intensively develop their aromas. In the process, about 7% evaporates naturally each year. An important process that accelerates the maturation and supports the full development of subtle, exotic aromas and flavors. aromas and flavors.

After several years, the rums are then sent to France/Cognac with their natural alcohol content as barreled goods. In this way, the full aroma is preserved. During the journey from the tropics to France, the rums undergo the so-called “dynamic aging process” in the bourbon barrels. On site in France, the spirits are then aged for several months, sometimes even years, in small used FERRAND barrels to give them even more elegance, finesse and character.

In summary, “double aging” brings together the best of two different worlds: different climates and barrel types have a positive effect on the maturing rums. Since 2017, MAISON FERRAND has been the proud owner of the West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD for short) in Brighton, Barbados, and with it, one third each of the legendary Jamai-kan distilleries Long Pond Distillery and Clarendon Distillery. Alexandre Gabriel fulfilled a great life’s dream with this purchase. At WIRD, 8 stills (co-lumn, pot and chamber stills) and 75 employees are permanently in use to produce the finest Barbados rums. Also, a great deal of importance is attached to locality and sustainability.