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Mauritius Sundowner | German Rum Festival 2023

Rum is a Lifestyle!

Rum & Tonic:

No, not just a summer liaison….
The dialogue of tart quinine and sugar cane results in a bittersweet temptation that many a palate has already succumbed to. At the latest with FFL Rum Brand’s new punchline #PimpYourRumTonic, this new sugarcane-driven drink is taking the stage.

Developed in 2021, a total of 12 drinks feature Mauritius Rum.
To the liquid pairing, a third was added! The matching pairing spirit to the respective rum was found, which supports the character of the rum with the integration of a complementing tonic water.

The idea of the first sundowner with Oaks & Ames Gold Rum was born because a customer offered it in the range and Solveig Gerz, in the course of the campaign to be promoted created an additional light long drink. During the tasting promotion of the #PimpYourRumTonic campaign, she met Reinhardt Köhler, who brought in the idea, to put this drink in a bottle and has the manufacturing techniques. Thus, the idea for the Mauritius Sundowner was born, to which distillery partner OXENHAM also enthusiastically agreed. It should also be mentioned here that the first suggestion and invitation to a rum tonic came from Dean Oxenham in 2018 and the Sundowner is now making its way to Mauritius.

The two best-selling drinks of the campaign, designed by Solveig Gerz, owner of FFL Rum Brands and mixologist, have now also found their way into a modern bottle design. The label is characteristic of the blue of the sky and ocean in Mauritius, with the sunset and the Tropical Bird.

The Mauritius Sundowner variants are both sparkling drink and aperitif, welcome drink and sundowner….

A new bittersweet temptation that lasts on the taste stage.

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