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Hartmut and Hannelore – Rum from Germany

Hartmut Rum


Hartmut. With ease and class, he fulfills the high expectations that he already awakens at the first sight. Copper, amber or mahogany – multi-faceted and promising, he shimmers in his lovingly designed bottle. This emanates immediately after uncorking an aromatic fragrance, which already hints at the fine sweetness and the full-bodied flavor of this Spitzenrums – an elegant type with perfected character.

Hartmut’s creators know that good things take time. For fast-paced trends, they have nothing left. For a total of 11 years, the Caribbean rum specialists practice patience, dedicating their full care to Hartmut, bringing it to perfection with their skills acquired over many decades, so that every sip becomes an unmistakable pleasure for them – over and over again.

Hartmut’s special character is due to this care. From high-quality ingredients is produced by professional distillation and an exceptionally long maturation in selected bourbon barrels a balanced premium spirits with fine sweetness, a round aroma and inimitable taste. And because things are particularly well-known, Hartmut is allowed to complete his character for several more months in French cognac barrels at the end of a long manufacturing and aging process in Barbados – the culmination of his career.

Hartmut owes not least to this additional storage his pronounced maturity and unmistakable touch. Vanilla flavors are just as much a part of it as the taste of ripened bananas, roasted coconuts and a touch of apricot. He impresses with a fruity, but not dominant sweetness, which in combination with the moderate alcohol content of 40 percent guarantees a pleasant taste experience. A mild and at the same time aromatic top rum, for which you should take your time. After all, he did it for you too – for more than 11 years.

Hartmut embodies timeless enjoyment without compromise. It is no coincidence that it comes from a place that is not in vain regarded as the cradle of Caribbean rum: the island of Barbados – has always been synonymous with connoisseurs of the highest standards in rum production. The easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles marks the edge of the Caribbean and greets across the Atlantic towards Europe. There, connoisseurs appreciate Hartmut’s balanced and multi-faceted character – preferably pure.

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