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Dillon I German Rum Festival 2022

Originating in Martinique and produced at the Depaz distillery, these rums were missing in Germany for a long time before reappearing in June 2021 with some new products, including the famous white rum, “Canne Rouge 2019”.

Since 1779, Dillon Rum owes its name to the famous Count Arthur Dillon. Made with the rigor of a Grand Cru and using sap from sugar cane plantations in Martinique, the Dillon distillery produces an exceptional A.O.C. Agricole rum. Flag bearer of the purest Martinican tradition and gold medal winner in numerous competitions, Dillon rum has been part of the regular table of all families in Martinique for several generations.

Pascal Barat – General Manager about Dillon Rhum.
“At DILLON, we grow our own sugar cane, which we then distill into rum.

We practice our various trades (farming, distillation, bottling and marketing) in several areas of Martinique: in Saint-Pierre at the foot of the Montagne Pelée, in Basse-Pointe on the Atlantic coast and in Fort-de-France, the emblematic capital of the island.

In this way, we are constantly immersed in the soul of Martinique: We watch it live, hear it breathe and see it evolve.

In the end, running the DILLON distillery means just that: listening to the heartbeat of Martinique to reflect its generosity, conviviality and love of celebration in the great DILLON rhums!”