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Depaz Rum | From the volcano in Martinique to Germany

The history of Habitation Depaz goes back to 1635. It is located on Martinique, a Caribbean island of rugged natural beauty that belongs to the Small Antilles. The French overseas department has a characteristic culture with a mixture of French and West Indian influences.

The sugar cane from which Depaz rum is made grows in a unique terroir in Martinique, on the Montagne Pelée volcano.

There you will find all the ingredients of a tropical climate that is favorable for development and that gives the best of itself in this place:

The combination of exceptional sunshine and abundant rain coupled with the volcano’s meteorological alchemy and the fact that it peaks at an altitude of 1,395 meters makes it so special. A young, light, and filtering soil, which gives sugar cane deep roots and a metabolism that is favorable for the accumulation of sugar.

Depaz Estate thus produces the richest sugar cane in Martinique.

Thanks to these assets, the soils on which sugar cane grows have been classified as the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée of Martinique since 1996. A designation of origin that shows the close connection between the natural elements water, sun, earth, and the knowledge of the men and women of Depaz, which has been immortalized over the generations.