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The Damoiseau family has been producing delicate and traditional Rhum Agricole, Damoiseau Rhum, since 1942 at the Distillery Bellevue. It is extracted directly from the freshly cut sugar cane and thus differs from the mostly sweet, pleasing molasses rums. In addition to the classic white rhum, the range of rums matured in wooden barrels stands out with its elegance and finesse. The careful production process in the distillery has made Damoiseau the leading manufacturer of the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Damoiseau Rhum XO

The XO stands for “extra old”, which means at least 6 years of barrel aging. A perfect representative of a Rhum Vieux: the fresh, green and sweet notes of the sugar cane juice, as well as the typical mature notes such as wood, smoke, a little vanilla and spices are perceptible in the nose and mouth. The measure of things!