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Compañero is the Spanish word for comrade, and it stands for the product line of the Danish manufacturer 1423, for which taste, complexity and finish are the key words. The two current products of this series, Gran Reserva and Elixir Orange, are both from the Caribbean and were supplemented at the end of 2017 with the very interesting Extra Añejo. But the three compañeros are just the beginning of a series of products made of different types of rum from different parts of the world.

Compañero Ron Gran Reserva Companero Gran Reserva

Compañero Ron Gran Reserva is the perfect connection between Jamaica and Trinidad. It’s a mix of Jamaican pot still rum and classic Column still rum from Trinidad. By combining the powerful fragrance of Jamaican rum with the soft and elegant taste of Trinidad rum, the Compañero Gran Reserva gets a perfectly balanced taste with a long finish.

Compañero Ron Elixir Orange Companero Elixir Orange

Compañero Ron Elixir Orange is a select blend of classic Trinidad rum and tropical aromas of ripe orange and fresh coconut. The Elixir Orange is a soft and delicious rum liqueur with a warm and long finish that takes you to white sand beaches along the Caribbean coast.

 Compañero Ron Panama Extra Añejo Companero Extra Anejo

The third member of the Rumserie Compañero is the Compañero Ron Panama Extra Añejo. The 54% alcohol is nicely hidden in the chocolate notes that give the Panama rum heat.