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Canas | German Rum Festival 2022


Normally, a rum is made on the basis of molasses. Molasses is a sugar syrup that is a by-product of sugar production.
by-product of sugar production. For Canas Rum, however, freshly pressed sugar cane juice from selected partners is used.

Rum made from freshly pressed sugar cane is estimated to account for only 3% of global rum production – but it still deserves a lot of attention because it is full of compelling characteristics. Fresh in the glass, the crystal-clear Canas exudes an aroma on the nose dominated by intense sweet sugar cane notes in harmony with bananas, raspberries and passion fruit. The palate is then dominated by spicy elements embedded in a decided alcoholic note. The complex body is very balanced between sweet and spicy notes and intense character, which gives a slightly earthy impression in the exit.