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Brugal – The No. 1 Rum in the Caribbean

Brugal – The No. 1 Rum in the Caribbean

Authentic Caribbean


Since 1888, the Brugal family has mastered the craft of producing one of the highest quality rum in the world, according to the old family formula. Only the Maestros Roneros – all members of the family – know the formula. It is also they who refine the original recipe over and over again and season with modern influences. This interaction makes the authentic Caribbean taste of Brugal Rum. Today, Jassil Villanueva reflects the unmistakable history of the traditional rum: she is the first female Maestra Ronera of the Brugal family to continue the legacy.


All content Brugal fabrics are from the Dominican Republic. The selection is strict: only sugarcane, yeast and water of the highest quality are used for the production. Due to its dry taste profile, the premium rum provides an excellent basis for perfectly balanced drinks. Brugal achieves the special taste with the utmost care during production: only the purest distillate is released for maturation.


Brugal has more oak barrels at any time than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Brugal is the only rum whose production, maturation and bottling takes place exclusively in the Dominican Republic, true to the motto “Authentic Caribbean”. This allows full process control from production to bottling – for the most drunken rum in the Caribbean!


The matured up to 5 years Brugal Ron Añejo is ideal for mixing cocktails and long drinks, but is also pure a real treat.

38 Vol.-% – 0,7 l Bottle

Color:  Amber
Taste:  mild, chocolate-based, caramelized crème bru lée and nuances of wood
Smell:  Coconut, butter and caramel


Triple-carbon filtered after being stored in American white oak barrels, Especial is a white premium rum that excels in cocktails and long drinks.

40 Vol.-% – 0,7 l Bottle

Color:   clear and pure
Taste:  powerful and pleasant
Smell:  fine, subtle aroma of coconut, citrus and notes of wood


A special treat for rum connoisseurs! The Brugal XV, matured in white oak and red oak barrels for up to 8 years, is best enjoyed on its own or on ice.

38 Vol.-% – 0,7 l Bottle

Color:  dark amber
Taste:  mild and dry, after caramelized, dried fruits, cinnamon and almonds, as well as spicy notes of wood nose


The experiences of 5 generations of the Brugal family in one bottle! The double storage in former bourbon and sherry barrels gives this rum after up to 14 years of maturation a particularly strong and full-bodied taste with a slight sherry sweetness.

40 Vol.-% – 0,7 l Bottle

Color:   shining amber
Taste:  powerful, pleasant, full-bodied with a slightly sweet, persistent finish
Smell:  exquisite aroma with subtle nuances of caramel, roasted coffee, cinnamon and dried fruits