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Baie des Trésors | German Rum Festival 2023

Baie des Trésors – much more than just a brand name. The beautiful Rhum Agricole was named after a bay from the Caravelle Peninsula in Martinique. Baie des Trésors translated means “The Treasure Bay”. This can also be applied to the Rhum. Made from the treasures of the terroir of the island of Martinique, without colorants or additives, but 100% pure sugar cane juice – Baie des Trésors tells the story of the rich soil from which this jewel was created. The exceptional soils on and around the peninsula provide ideal conditions for growing sugar cane. The rhum is produced by the Gouyer family, which formerly owned the Gallion sugar factory. Today, the family still owns the lion’s share of the sugar cane fields on Martinique, which have never been sold. With the growing success of Rhum Agricole, they are now back in the rhum business with their own brand and three products. 

Baie des Trésors Fruits des Pluis

Further inland on Martinique and slightly higher up the mountain, one finds the fields of Habitation Dufferet. Due to the exposed location on the mountain slopes, the sugar cane grown there receives generous rainfall, which guaranteed rapid growth and exceptional juiciness. The result is an aromatic and very sweet juice, which is the basis for this single-terroir rhum. On the nose, Baie des Tresors Fruits des Pluies presents itself as a rum full of character with notes of candied and dried fruits. On the palate, spicy and chocolaty impressions are found with delicate vanilla as well as a smoky, mineral note.

Baie des Trésors Fleur du Vent

On the Atlantic side of Martinique lies the Presqu’île de la Caravelle. The peninsula juts 12 km into the ocean. Surrounded by the trade winds and relatively protected from tropical flooding, the dry parcels of Spoutourne, located roughly in the middle of the peninsula, produce extremely subtle rums. The relative dryness of the site, in conjunction with the constant sea breeze, gives the sugar cane an intense aroma that continues to be very present even after distillation and aging. Baie des Tresors Fleurs du Vent is a rhum made exclusively from the freshly pressed sugar cane juice of this terroir. On the nose, harmonious and intense floral notes with the typical “green” notes of sugar cane. On the palate, pleasant wood notes combine with hints of exotic fruits and a touch of coconut. 

Baie des Trésors Plein Soleil

The parcel “Fond Basile” is located directly on the sea under the blazing sun and offers sugar cane ideal for the production of a grandiose unaged rum. In this dry area, the sugar content sugar cane is remarkable vegetal aromas that a suitable distillation is able to develop perfectly through the art of concentration.

This unaged rum “Plein Soleil” reveals an amazing complexity and a remarkable aromatic richness, which is in no way inferior to the aged rums. At the same time, it preserves a spontaneity and naturalness that sets it apart from other rums. This rum is a reflection of the nature that surrounds it, wild and elegant at the same time and, to put it briefly, unique. Plein Soleil can be enjoyed neat, on ice or as a cocktail, depending on what you prefer. It is advisable to taste it neat at least once to fully understand all the vegetal nuances and experience the refinement of this fine distillate.