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Kaniché Rums from Barbados Kaniché Rums are produced in Barbados, one of the most representative islands in the Caribbean. The Barbados style is very specific. The rums are round, supple…

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Don Q from the Destileria Serralles In 1865 Juan Serralles founded the Destileria Serralles in Ponce, Puerto Rico and started burning his first rum. He gave it the name DON…

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Das Haus Clément wurde 1887 von Homère Clément, Arzt und Bürgermeister von Le François gegründet und zählt heute zu den bedeutendsten Produzenten von Rhum Agricole auf Martinique. Firmensitz ist die…

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Compañero is the Spanish word for comrade, and it stands for the product line of the Danish manufacturer 1423, for which taste, complexity and finish are the key words. The…

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The Damoiseau family has been producing delicate and traditional Rhum Agricole, Damoiseau Rhum, since 1942 at the Distillery Bellevue. It is extracted directly from the freshly cut sugar cane and…

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Ron Deadhead is an award winning premium rum made by Iconic Brands, based in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The tropical Veracruz is a region with a Caribbean soul, known…

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