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ΛLDER RUM | The Hamburg RUM

With a lot of love and Hamburg talent, ΛLDER RUM, the Hamburg RUM, is distilled from sugar cane molasses imported from South America. 100% Fairtrade & Organic.

ΛLDER combines lifestyle and zeitgeist.

ΛLDER RUM is characterized by high demands on fair trade and high-quality products and is in a flowing transition to taste, lifestyle, and zest for life. The name “ΛLDER-RUM” is also authentic and “PURE”. On the one hand, “ΛLDER” stands for our Hamburg roots – in Hamburg they say “Moin” and “Alder” or even like “Moin, Alder!” – and on the other hand for its exclusive taste thanks to the wood of the alder. Everything just fits here.

ΛLDER RUM should be different from the classic “sweet RUM”. ΛLDER is “PURE” and uses only natural sweetness. So you can taste the “real”, smoky aroma of the woods and the natural sweetness of the organic sugar cane molasses. ΛLDER combines tradition with modernity and you can see that in the product.

Due to the quality of the 100% ecological raw materials, the unique taste is achieved without artificial additives.

So if you are in the mood for a rum that combines modernity and tradition, ALDER is a good choice.