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First and foremost, Buss Spirits is known for its production of handcrafted gins. In 2013 Serge Buss, a restaurant and catering professional who is always passionate about new and exciting flavours, opened the first dedicated Belgian Gin & Tonic bar in Antwerp. The experiences and the customer input proved to be the perfect testing grounds for new ideas and recipes. In late 2013, with customer experience and input on his mind, he developed the recipe and maceration process for his first gin: BUSS N°509 Raspberry Gin. It became the first gin of the Author Collection and has been followed by more hand-crafted Gins, which are all characterized by exclusive ingredients, artisan production and their intense fruity taste. Another year later the Cut Collection was created as a homage to the more classical Gins.

Serge’s passion for intense flavours and herbal experiences had already led to the creation of a rum before – the emergence of Shack Spiced rum. In 2016 Serge followed up this success with the new edition. He further developed the intensity of the flavours of Shack Super Spiced Rum.

Shack Super SpicedShack Super Spiced Rum

The Spirit of Nature. A spiced, aged Caribbean blend, based on a Haitian recipe and good voodoo vibes. Made of quality rums from Barbados, Guatemala and Trinidad.

BUSS has created a bold example of spiced rum with their Shack Super Spiced blend. Shack Super Spiced Rum is amazing for mixes and cocktails but also outstanding as a neat drink or on the rocks. Shack Rum is highly recognized and appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike.

The ancient heartlands of Haiti are the birthplace of Shack Rum. Its recipe goes back to the 1940’s. It has a dark and raw flavour, reminding of the depths of the forest. Shack Super Spiced Rum has a natural formula that resurrects the very essentials of rum distilling. Small batches blessed with pure magic and made of sacred ingredients. Straight from the rum shack.

There is a little bit of original Haitian voodoo in every bottle of Shack Super Spiced Rum, transforming it into a reservoir of mystic powers. Shack Rum is perfectly suited for all your rituals and contemplations dedicated to love, good fortune and healing. Keep it on your altar at any time and cast your own spells.


Southern Spirits GmbH – Marketing and trading of selected spirits

Our story started more than 10 years ago. First it was a hobby – undertaken with lots of passion. By importing honey rum we transferred the feeling of vacation directly into the homes of our customers. Since then we expanded our product line continuously and enhanced our logistics.

In 2014 we turned our hobby into a business with the creation of a separate business segment. During the next years demands were rising and we started to diversify. With the foundation of the Southern Spirits GmbH in 2017 we improved our processes and are now able to reach and serve more customers than ever before.

Today Southern Spirits offers a large variety of the finest spirits from all over Europe, fast and efficient logistics and an excellent customer service. Not only do we import and sell selected spirits, but we also offer local marketing and brand building. We support our manufacturers in the sustainable establishment of their brands with tastings, special events and representations at fairs or exhibitions. Accordingly, our product line mainly consists of the rarest and finest spirits on the market. Even though it is not a hobby anymore, one thing will always remain: our passion for spirits.