You are currently viewing A visit to Worthy Park, Lluidas, Jamaica

A visit to Worthy Park, Lluidas, Jamaica

A visit to Worthy Park, Lluidas, Jamaica

Worthy Park is nestled in the Vale of Lluidas, or Lluidas Vale as it is commonly known. When you are standing at Worthy Park, all you see is breathtaking valleys uniting the rolling mountain ranges that are standing guard over stalks of sugar cane swaying in the cool mountain breeze. A visit to Worthy Park is a trip back in time to the days of unspoiled landscapes and natural beauty that had given rise to Jamaica being known as the “Land of wood and water”. The Worthy Park Estate has remained this way since its inception in 1670 when it was gifted to Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English capture of the island from the Spanish in 1655.

About the production

Worthy Park Etstate is 100% Jamaican owned, and their rums are authentic and traditional Jamaican style. This is the true meaning of “from field to glass”. Worthy Park harvest their sugar cane, produce their own molasses and they distill, bottle and age; every step of the process happens at the Worthy Park Estate. Commercial production of cane and sugar began in 1720 and has continued unabated until this day. Since then it has only been under ownership by three families and has been in the hands of the Clarke family since 1918. In that time Worthy Park has not only engaged in cane farming and sugar production, but the land has been used for beef cattle, citrus, poultry and other agricultural crops. However, approximately 40% of the over 10, 000 acres land is currently in sugar cultivation. The sugar season in Jamaica lasts from January through the end of June. Since it is a 24-hour
operation in season, the other months of the year are dedicated to a complete servicing of all of the equipment in the sugar factory. While the traditional, and preferred, method of harvesting cane is by hand, for the past 20 years Worthy Park has also used combine cane harvesters to assist in the daily supply of cane to the sugar factory.

Worthy park makes a comeback…

After being out of the distillation business for decades, the Clarke family decided in 2004 that there was room for another Jamaican rum, made with quality ingredients in a perfect contrast by distilling in the Traditional Jamaican Pot-Still method however with effciency and state-of-theart equipment helping us get there. In 2005, the newest distillery was complete, and by 2007 the flagship brand Rum-Bar Rum was launched!

Rum-Bar Rum Cream

The rich creamy base is balanced by the opulent flavours of the Rum-Bar Rum to give Rum Cream a smooth and pleasurable taste of banana and other tropical fruits whether drinking it chilled or on the rocks. Rum Cream is a mixture of Worthy Park Rum, 100% real cream and some secret ingredients.
Alcohol: 15% / Volume: 075L & 0.2L

Rum-Bar Silver

The profile of this brand new Rum-Bar Silver is sweet but pungent as it is unaged Jamaican rum. This is 100% Pot Still rum based on molasses, and no additives are added. On the nose it is tropical fruity flavours, predominantly banana with hint of citrus and vanilla, and on the palate it is sweet, also rich of fruity banana flavour with some buttery notes. The finish is strong and persistent, finishing with eucalyptus.
Alcohol: 40% / Volume: 0.7 L


Rum-Bar Gold

Rum-Bar Gold is 100% traditional Jamaican Pot Still rum aged in once-used Bourbon barrels made of American White Oak. It is a premium blend with a minimum of 4 years aged rum. Rum-Bar Gold is hand blended for perfection and consistency.
Nose: Sweetness from banana and bitter apples.
Palate: Fruity notes dominates the palate with mild notes of oak and vanilla. Rum-Bar Gold has a long, full-bodied and dry finish with touches of eucalyptus.
Alcohol: 40% / Volume: 0.7L

Rum-Bar Rum

Rum-Bar Rum is a white Overproof blend of three 100% un-aged Pot Still rums. It provides a high level of quality and flavour due to distillation in Copper Pot Stills versus continuous Colum Stills. Overproof is used about spirits with an alcohol strength of more than 50%. Approx 90% of the rum sale in Jamaica is white Overproof rum.
Nose: Powerful due to the 100% Pot Still with notes of banana and other tropical fruits.
Palate: Fruity, excotic and powerful. It is full on Jamaican funk almost like freshly cut sugar cane and with a long Overproof fnish.
Alcohol: 63% / Volume: 0.7L