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What’s new, what stays the same… and which ticket is the right one for you? Here’s our overview


If you’d like to know what is included in the ticket fee, check out our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions! There, you’ll find answers to your most burning questions!


NEW for aficionados and collectors: the HARD TICKET

Due to countless requests, we are offering high-quality hard tickets for the next German Rum Festival for the first time. Ideal as a present or cool memory – you’ve definitely made the right choice with a premium print ticket! Even prior to the festival itself, the ticket will bring you joy – be it as a reminder on your fridge or as a special present for any occasion. And once the festival is over, it’ll remind you of many fun hours with friends!



Some of you already know the VIP TICKET from last year. On top of the usual extras, we’ve added some special surprises for you! Besides the exclusive 8GRF-tasting glass and the glorious seven, VIP visitors will also receive a #rumlover polo shirt that’ll prove your passion for rum at every opportunity, the GRF glass holder to keep your hands free during important conversations, and a super-secret VIP tasting with organizer and rum ambassador Dirk Becker! The ideal treat for yourself or a loved one. The VIP ticket is valid on both days, but you will have to pick the day when you want to participate in the VIP tasting. So, please book the VIP ticket for SATURDAY or SUNDAY!


Day Ticket

Our day ticket is the classic ticket for everyone who wants to explore the world of rum at the German Rum Festival. It includes the exclusive 8GRF tasting glass as well as 7 free samples at various stands. The ticket is valid for one day, and it is entirely up to you whether you’d like to visit us on Saturday or Sunday!


Super-Saver Combo Ticket

For those of you who need more than one day to explore, there’s the combo ticket. It includes the same things as the day ticket, but you also have the opportunity to come back on Sunday to taste your favorites again, or get to know new products! Make sure to definitely bring along your tasting glass again! Your feedback has shown us that most visitors come back on the second day to see if their favorites from the previous day still remain their favorites. And so, there is no new glass for the second day, no new coupons, and no new catalog. This helps us save, which we can pass on to you!


Advantages for groups

Both day tickets and combo tickets are also available for groups of five, which saves you a whole 10% on the fee! We all know there’s nothing better than discovering new things with friends, or revisiting well-known classics with your posse. So, grab four of your besties and come visit us at the German Rum Festival![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][jeg_callout buttonstyle=“success“ center=“true“ text=“You are just a few steps away from your tickets to 8GRF!“ buttontext=“HERE you’ll find them!“ buttonurl=“https://germanrumfestival.eventbrite.de“][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]