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Bar@Home – The Homebar

This year we install for the 1st time a festival bar during the 6th GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL that will be manned by two top bartenders. Filip Bocheński and Piotr Sajdak, both from Salut!-Berlin will lead short cocktail classes for visitors. The topic is “home bar” or how easy it can be to mix a good cocktail at home.

Our partner for fillers and bitters is Thomas Henry and we are proud to continue our partnership in 2016! During and after the 6GRF we’ll publish more or less live some more recipes to enlighten your evenings in wintertime!

Piotr SajdakPiotr Sajdak (29): bartender and traveler. He started his adventure with cocktails almost a decade ago. Already in high school he did the first spills. Also in that time he has taking a part in many international cocktails competitions in junior category. In the school age he understood that work the bar is endless broadening horizons. That time he created his own plan of work and travel to biggest European capitals of cocktails.

Soon this plan became to be his life style. In time of this bar adventure he had an occasion to work in London, Paris to finally arrived in Berlin. The list of venues where he worked is full of recognizable places like: The Little red door in Paris, Graphic bar in Soho, Oblix at the Shard, Churchill bar at Hyatt hotel, VIP room at the Olympics 2012 or Salut Classic bar in Berlin.  Every place added to his bar biography  more of great taste and piquancy.  The diversity of venues developed his bartender sense much enough to makes him able to sharing knowledge with guests.

Apart of cocktails he is a dilligent learner about wine, local beer and new style of coffee. He dedicated  his spare time to sport and travel. On the top of list of his favorites cities are Copenhagen (Denmark), Edinborough (Scotland) and Vienna (Austria).  Also he gots a lot of new bar experience and inspirations after a visit in countrys like India, U.S.A. and Spain. As we mentioned before sport takes a big part of his life too. Several time he finished the marathons (42,5 km), he represented  local football team in many different age categorys. At present he is a big lover of new sport’s discipline- CrossFit.

Piotr belives that good bartender must to have the talent to see many details and not just from behind the counter. The openness to the environment and correct interpratation give you many inspirations and enthusiasm. After you can easily useing them behind a bar. His answer for offten ask question about favorite cocktail is offten use reply:” …depends of the mood, weather and people around me in that moment.”

Filip BocheńskiFilip Bocheński: I was born in Warsaw, Poland. My bartending career started out of curiosity, I’ve wanted to experience something new and the idea of gastronomy was always appealing to me. Being 22 years old with no experience at all behind the bar, I started as a “Bartender” in a pub with no idea how to use beer tap or to pour proper shot. (I was not much of a drinker at that time) with some experience came time to read first Bartending manual and that changed everything. I was hungry for knowledge and actual skills. That time I knew there is a need for the teachers. I started to look for a Barback position in a cocktails bar. Months after learning the basics came time to tend the bar. From that moment my I’ve spent days in a different kind of bars, from; dive bar to fine dining restaurant to the Cocktail bar that probably was at that time “best” in my country. more you eat hungrier you get they say. and it’s true. came time to see the world – not too far away but significant – a place with established cocktail culture.

I’m moving to Berlin I said to my colleagues. adding another type of bar to my experience High-class hotel bar. good times but not the place I’ve could stay for too long. Moving to Salut! was a dream come true – Great atmosphere mixed with potential for unveiling imagination and creativity! with more knowledge comes more responsibility, I became Head bartender.

I think life should be a never-ending process of learning, I try to achieve it on my way, tending to you – my guests. Serving cocktails with a smile.

Thru course of social interactions that happens every day in every bar in the world your life might get changed, for better or worse. I found what I love to do…


4 cl Tante Hilde Strawberry Rum

2 cl Apple Juice

1 Pinch of Fresh Dill

Shake, top-up with Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic

Glass: Long drink glass

Garnish: Dill & Slice of Apple